A clinical researcher is studying if an investigational therapeutic could benefit Parkinson’s disease patients, where redox-induced signaling pathways are implicated in pathogenesis. Imagine if he could accurately, easily, and completely measure redox potential in real time to determine if the treatment modulates redox imbalance.

The RedoxSYS System is the first and only research platform that provides a complete measurement of redox potential (also called oxidation-reduction potential or ORP) in a biological sample. It provides full results within four minutes.

This novel, patented system measures two distinct parameters to determine redox potential of a biological sample:
Static ORP (sORP): valuable “snapshot” of current redox balance, which appears to correlate with illness, injury severity and mortality. A higher sORP reading is indicative of oxidative stress
Capacity ORP (cORP): amount of antioxidant reserves, which appears to correlate with the ability to respond to illness or injury
Both of these values have been studied and demonstrate statistically significant correlations with important clinical features in many medical conditions.
Imagine the ability to assess redox imbalance within four minutes using a simple blood test.

RedoxSYS could optimize clinical workflows by enabling:

  • Objective assessment of patient injury or illness
  • Improved resource allocation due to better patient stratification
  • Earlier intervention for potential complications or worsening illness
  • Real-time treatment monitoring

Highly portable and convenient

The RedoxSYS System contains:

  • A small, battery-powered reader that is ideal for benchtop use or at a patient’s point of care (AC adapter allows recharging or stationary laboratory use)
  • Small, easy to use, sensors that require limited sample manipulation and can be used with basic lab techniques.
RedoxSYS System sensor


RedoxSYS System battery-powered reader

Battery-powered reader

Provides reliable and complete results in just four minutes with two simple steps

  • Obtain a biologic sample using standard collection techniques (plasma, serum, CSF, or urine)
  • Place the sensor into the analyzer and pipette 30 microliters of the sample onto the sensor. Complete results are provided within four minutes
RedoxSYS User Manual


The RedoxSYS system is designed to provide you with accurate ORP measurement results in just four minutes. Our commitment is to make sure you get optimal performance at all times from your system. In order to answer any questions you may have on it’s functions, we have provided a comprehensive User Manual, which is easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. The manual is available in English, as well as the languages listed below.




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